Referring Doctors


We believe in a strong partnership with the referring dentist is essential to ensure the longevity of the teeth that we save through root canal treatment. We strive for excellence in root canal treatment and appreciate the expertise of the referring dentist to restore the form and function of the tooth after root canal treatment. By joining our expertise together with our referring doctors, the patients will get the best outcome. Tooth saving work is not complete until the endodontically treated tooth is restored with a crown or final filling. Failure to place the final restoration is the leading cause of tooth loss after root canal treatment. We appreciate this important partnership and look forward to collaborating in saving teeth for the patients. We thank our referring dentists for their confidence in the expertise of endodontists.


This executive summary distills the White Papers down to their key recommendations and directives. It establishes standards for requisite knowledge and skills required by all practitioners for competence in endodontic diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Launch PDF.