NJAE Fall Conference:

Laser Activated Irrigation – Does It Work?

October 25, 2020
12:00 PM-2:00 PM EDT

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Course Overview
The New Jersey Association of Endodontists meeting introduced the concept of minimally invasive endodontics 13 years ago. It is now well accepted that conservation of tooth structure during endodontic therapy is paramount in retaining the structural integrity of endodontically treated teeth. As we have accepted the challenge to reduce the endodontic access cavity and canal shapes, the question of adequate canal debridement and disinfection has become forefront. The inadequacies of canal disinfection from traditional needle irrigation are well known. This webinar will address how incorporation of the laser accomplishes our goals for canal debridement and canal disinfection through minimally invasive endodontic access preparations and canal shapes. The ergonomic flow and multifunctional capabilities (endo, perio, implants, soft tissue, hard tissue) of the laser make this an ideal technology for the endodontist.

Key Topics

  • The benefits of cavitational streaming for canal disinfection
  • How to take advantage of the laser for minimally invasive endodontics
  • The importance of incorporating technology with multi-functional capabilities whenever possible
  • Show how the laser is safe, efficient and effective