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Partners in Patient Care

Partners in Patient Care

Connecticut Association of Endodontists members are dedicated to the belief that each patient deserves comfortable and excellent care. With each patient we address the evidence of oral disease, as well as other possible causes of oral and facial pain. We will analyze both your symptoms and the results of appropriate physical exams and discuss the various treatment options open to you. In partnership with your general dentist, and in consultation with you, we will build your treatment plan and deliver the treatment based on your informed decision.

Your general dentist plays a key role in the successful outcome of your root canal treatment. Having the tooth restored with crown or final filling will extend the success of the root canal treatment that you received by preventing bacterial leakage and fracture. Failure to place the final restoration is the leading cause of the tooth loss after root canal treatment.

Your Connecticut Association of Endodontist member will communicate appropriately with your general dentist to provide optimum treatment and successful outcomes.

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